Make 2012 a year to be involved. Have a hand in the direction you want your government to take. If you want to make a difference, you must start early not a week before the election. Find out what the candidates will bring to the job if elected. Do your homework on the current elected officials and their track record. Did they perform as promised prior to being elected? What are they doing to decrease the deficit? What are they doing to lower taxes? What are they doing to help businesses thrive, increase jobs, and lower the unemployment rate? How are they voting on civil rights and morality issues? Are they willing to make the tough decisions or did they just stay neutral not wanting to "stir the pot" in hopes of being re-elected? Too many politicians make big promises to get elected then are afraid to do what is right. They worry more about their image and how they can be re-elected then rolling up their sleeves and doing what needs to be done. Get to know all the candidates and not just vote for the incumbent. Support the ones you trust to lead your, city, state, and country. Volunteer to help, donate you time and/or money, talk to your family and neighbors, and ask for signs to display.