I'm glad that the Mayor and two council members made the decision in designating money to help the El Cajon Brewery open it's doors. A brewery in downtown El Cajon is needed to increase business in the entire downtown area. In my opinion it might have been better had the original idea been to bring in an established brewery like Stone or Ballast Point but with the investment already made I don't think there was any option but to see it to fruition at this point. Although Alpine and Santee have micro breweries I believe this location would be something unique to the East County and more accessible to the majority of residents. It would bring a different clientele then just the standard bar patrons. In fact, I would like to see the local bars rally behind this venture and carry whatever signature brands they develop, like the town of Mammoth does for their local brewery. Make your vote count in 2012 to help make El Cajon a better place to live, do business, shop, be entertained, and recreate. Now if something could be done with the East County Performing Arts Center we might be back on the right track.