Most politicians would steer clear of any topic regarding race, gender, or religion but I believe the topic needs to be discussed and brought into the open if you are going to make an informed vote in November. El Cajon ‘s population numbers break down to about 63% white, 16% Hispanic, 14% middle eastern, 5% African-American, and 2% other (based on the latest census numbers I was able to obtain). With the influx in the Iraqi Chaldean Christian population to the El Cajon area, I believe the numbers between White, Hispanic, and the Middle Eastern populace may be altered by a couple percentage points. There have
been news sources that say El Cajon has 40,000 to 50,000 people of Middle Eastern descent. Those numbers are not accurate but never the less, you get the idea of the diversity of El Cajon. 
  The voter might get an impression that I would be out of touch with the various ethnic, gender, or religious groups since I am a white, middle aged, Christian, male. First off, I do not believe the decisions that are needed to run the city should favor any
particular group individually but be the best for the city as a whole. I think by embracing each group’s individuality and supporting individual rights and freedoms this can be accomplished. I have always embraced diversity in all areas of my life. I have lifelong friends from different races, genders, ages, and religious affiliation. We will not agree on every topic, nor should it be a requirement. The important thing is to create open communication, be understanding, be supportive of a different point of view, and take the cultural differences as a learning opportunity. I played a lot of sports as a kid growing up. On every team I played there was never any issue of race or color we bonded as a team and everyone had one goal and that was to win. Much like when people live in a city, they all want the same things; low cost of living, low crime rates, good education, recreational opportunities for themselves and their children, employment opportunities, and places they can be entertained. These are common to every group. I am not going to say I understand all the struggles of each different race or gender because that would be impossible. What I will tell you is I am always willing to listen and learn.

Diversity; embrace it, learn from it, and support it.

Swainston for El Cajon City Council 2012