Now that the June primary elections are over, I was a little disappointed in the voter turnout for El Cajon. Based on the numbers I’ve seen, there is 40K+ registered voters in El Cajon and by poll numbers only about 25% took the time to vote. The issue that should have spurred more voter to the polls in El Cajon was prop D, the El Cajon Charter City initiative, which did pass. I take this as; either many voters were on the fence about the issue or just didn’t care. Either way, Now that El Cajon will indeed become a Charter City it will be time to elect city leaders who can be trusted with the additional authority granted by this new designation. In November the election will be a presidential election and that should bring the numbers up but that doesn’t mean the voters will be any more informed about the local issues. Those of us that take the time to vote, study the candidates, and research the propositions need to be pro-active. Get involved with local candidates that support your views, display yard signs, spread the word to your friends and neighbors, and support them through donations. I have heard many El Cajon residents express their displeasure with the current city leadership now is the time to do something about it. You can contact me directly through E-mail at to get involved with my campaign or request display material (bumper stickers, yard signs, buttons, pamphlets etc…).


For a Better El Cajon
Vote Duane Swainston for City Council