2012 showed more of the same in El Cajon with all the city council incumbents retaining their seats. 2014 could offer a bit of a change in the political leadership. Rumor has it that Mayor Mark Lewis will not vie for another term. City Council member Bill Wells has shown interest and at this time seems to be the front runner to replace Mayor Lewis. There is plenty of time until November of 2014 to have another challenger emerge. Could it be Todd Moore who missed his bid in 2010 to unseat mayor Lewis by a small margin or maybe new comer Ben Kalasho who narrowly missed his bid to capture a seat on the city council in 2012? Either way there seems to be the opportunity for new blood to emerge from the elections in 2014. If Wells is successful in his bid for mayor it will leave a position on the city council open for a new face but the leadership and direction will remain consistent. If Wells is unsuccessful it could signal a greater change in leadership and direction for East County. Either way residents should begin to voice their opinions and make themselves heard as to the direction they want El Cajon to progress.