People often ask me, “Why do you want to run for El Cajon City Council?” Well, let me start off by acknowledging the current members who are up for re-election. They are Bill Wells, Bob McClellen, and Tony Ambrose. I believe all three men are dedicated to family values and have strong upstanding character. I highly respect these men for their moral standings and strong faith, so that is not a reason I’m running.

I am running to make a difference in El Cajon. I believe my business background, education, and life experience is what is needed to bring businesses and consumers back to El Cajon. The current council may have good intentions but I don’t see them challenging the “Status Quo”, bringing new ideas to the table, and reinvigorating life in El Cajon. Too many decisions seem to be made without input from the community. Instead of finding ways to work more efficiently and effectively they put the burden on residents, businesses, and consumers by proposing and passing rate and tax hikes. 

My business background has been primarily in the manufacturing industry. Unless you have worked and managed in a fast paced, cost conscious, quality focused, schedule dominate private business (like manufacturing) it’s hard to have a clear understanding of the tools and drive it takes to succeed. I have this experience. I want to bring this work ethic to local government and make the city more efficient and prosperous for businesses and residents alike.
You can help make this happen in November 2012.

Join my supporters by voting for
Duane Swainston for El Cajon City Council.
The clear choice “For A Better El Cajon.