I believe El Cajon has some of the best employees of any city in California or the nation. I know firsthand how great Kathie Rutledge and her staff are from my past and current run for city council. They are very friendly and knowledgeable of all things related to the city. She will
be dearly missed when she decides to retire.  I know I am not alone in this opinion. Everyone tells me how great there experience was whenever they visit city hall and the city clerk’s office.

Our emergency services are dedicated to the local community and making sure all El Cajon residents can feel safe and protected. The police force is involved with the residents in the neighborhood watch programs and participates in many activities in our local schools. Heartland Fire & Rescue although shared with the cities of La Mesa and Lemon Grove are also very
active in community functions and education.

The city works department is also a valued member of this team. They are quick to remove graffiti usually within 24hrs of it being phoned in. I have had the pleasure of dealing with them to collect some campaign signs that were placed in the wrong locations but they were nothing but pleasant and courteous. They maintain our parks and streets and do a wonderful job.

No matter how good anything is, there is always room for improvement. I believe the city employees are not being used to their full potential and are taken for granted. First off, as I stated we have some of the best city employees anywhere and when I say they are not being used to their full potential I don’t mean given more mundane tasks. These people work on the
inside of the city every day and if anyone knows the problems and has ideas on how to fix them, they do. The city officials need to do a better job of listening to the city employees, solicit ideas from them, and put their ideas into work. And, when I say taken for granted I mean through wage freezes and furlough days. The city has modified its pension benefits to make it an employee paid type 401k account, much like in the private sector, which I do support but you cannot say you are happy with your yearly balance budget that includes wage freezes and furlough days which effectively put the city employees behind the ever increasing cost of living.

My goal is to increase city revenues without assistance from tax and rate increases. I will bring in businesses and consumers. We need to find a reason for people to want to visit El Cajon and spend money in El Cajon. One way to bring traffic back to El Cajon is through the re-opening of the East County Performing Arts Center. Another method is to recruit and encourage businesses
that are unique to the area to invest in El Cajon such as, an outdoor superstore like Cabela’s or Outdoor World. These types of businesses would draw people from all around Southern California or further and even from Mexico. I will make El Cajon a place where people want to live and raise their families.

Vote Swainston in November for “A Better El Cajon”.

It all stems from my business background and my drive for success. I have been in manufacturing management in the aerospace industry for the past 16 years and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. In the manufacturing industry you can’t wait on making improvements and taking action or you will find yourself behind your competitor. As I stated in a recent council meeting a motto of mine is “Execution not Excuses”. You must find ways to break down barriers and cut through the “red tape” to get things completed. If you wait for the perfect scenario to start then you will always find excuses why something can’t be done. If the future conditions aren’t quite clear you establish a plan based on multiple scenarios then as the conditions present themselves you have done the ground work and you are ready to take action.

Communication, cooperation, and respect are keys to being a successful leader. Unfortunately, many residents feel the current leadership is making backroom deals and driving their own agenda without input from the public. I am a big advocate for transparency in government and keeping the public apprised of the decisions and actions that are being made. I will solicit input from the residents of El Cajon and I will value their opinion. I will work with all groups to achieve a common goal, regardless of political, social, economic, or ethnic differences.

With the new “Charter City” status there is more pressure and responsibility on the city leaders to make the right decisions. The city leaders have much more control on how the city will be run and managed. It would be my goal to make El Cajon the most efficient and well managed city in California. I would like El Cajon to be the model that state legislators and the governor look to for ideas of how to better manage at the state level. I want to do this without raising taxes or utility rates. I want people to be proud to say they live in El Cajon. I want to see consumers flock to El Cajon because we have the lowest sales tax rate in the state. I want to see businesses flourish and create a positive revenue stream for the city. I want to see these things have a positive impact on the residents of El Cajon by providing more employment opportunities, a fully staffed police force and fire department, and a better overall quality of life.

These are the things the Drive me to run for El Cajon City Council and these are the goals that will continue to drive me once I am elected. Only the voters can take the stand and make this a reality by electing
Swainston for El Cajon City Council November 2012.
The clear choice “For a Better El Cajon”