Well the answer will be in the decision of the voters but in my opinion I say "yes". The charter city designation will give more control to the city leaders to cut costs. El Cajon has a lot of projects that need to be started and completed to make this a better city and there will be a lot of opportunities to cut costs. The state rules are not helping to reduce the deficit at the state level. I can see the city of El Cajon (if approved) along with other charter cities setting the bar on government efficiency that can drive change up to the state level. There has been misuse from the designation as what happened in the city of Bell. But it came as a result of greedy elected officials along with the residents not paying attention to what was going on but in the long run justice was served and those city officials ended up in jail. There are checks and balances that can and must be put in place so this type of scenario never presents itself again. In the long run the city must have the freedom to cut cost where ever it can find them and the elected officials must be trusted and hold to a strong moral and ethical code of conduct. Vote Swainston for El Cajon City Council in 2012 and I will make sure "El Cajon is a Better place to Live and do Business"


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