Recently there have been some negative words being exchanged by supporters of the current council members and those of
the challengers. Questions and statements have been thrown out attacking one another’s character and/or integrity. I want to go on record as stating that I believe all the current council members as well as the challengers including myself have strong morals, integrity, and show a dedication to upholding Christian values but this does not exclude anyone from answering issues that must be addressed when deciding on whom to elect in November. I will be discussing the issues of El Cajon throughout my campaign without trying to make it personal. These issues for the current council members include city expenses, city revenues, city taxes, utility rates, transparency in government, past decisions, etc. The issues for the challengers may be; education, work
experience, future plans for improvements, motivating factors, as well as personal character and beliefs.

I would like to take this time to give you my personal testimony on my Christian walk along with what I believe is needed
information to answer some of the questions about me as a person. This is not about any other candidate and is meant to give you an idea of who I am as a Christian and as an individual.  

I grew up in a Christian home. I attended church and church activities (youth events, youth groups, sports teams, etc.)
regularly with my mother and my sisters while my father only attended church on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and Weddings. I was baptized as a youth in Jr. High and accepted Jesus Christ into my life.  As happens with a lot of males when I started in college I was attending church less and less until I just stopped going. I still considered myself a Christian.
I knew God was still with me but I was trying to control my life thinking God needs to help other people because I didn’t really have any major problems. I did not get into any real trouble. I did not turn to a life of crime and have never been arrested. I began my life in Aerospace manufacturing in 1986 and was married in 1989 to my wife of 23 years, Linda. We had our first child (Braxton) in 1990 and our 2ndchild (Breasha) in 1992. During that time Linda was attending Skyline church and I would attend on special occasions but didn’t feel the desire to attend regularly. When we moved to El Cajon in 1994 we switched churches to Foothills Christian Church. I say we but, again I was not attending regularly.  My wife and children did attend regularly and I was happy as I knew the positive effect it had on my upbringing and as a base for my moral standings. It really wasn’t
until my son started his senior year at Foothills High School in 2007 that I began to attend Foothills regularly. I felt the need to stop trying to control all things in my life and ask God for guidance. There was no miraculous event that I can recall being the turning point but I believe it definitely was strongest when I decided to quit my job and start my own business in October of
2008. I have been attending regularly ever since. I am involved in a home group and I am also involved and attend a number of other activities with Foothills Church. My interests into politics began with a sermon from Mark Hoffman (probably circa 2007-2008) about getting involved to make a difference in politics. When my daughter graduated High School in 2010 and I had sold my business, I felt the call from God saying it was time. I ran in 2010 and finished second having spent very little money thus God said “do it again” and here I am in 2012. Let me tell you this, God tells you the journey he wants you to take but he doesn’t tell you what the end result will be. All I could say was OK let’s get this thing going and do it bigger and better this time. I pray for
guidance and it seems when I lay in bed to go to sleep he answers. That is one reason I wrote this testimony.  

I don’t pretend to paint myself as the perfect Christian. I don’t solely listen to worship music, some of my
favorites are 3rd Day, Red, 7th time down, The Newsboys, etc. but I also like country music and have a guilty pleasure with 80's rock.  I have been known to curse at times when in the heat of a battle during a sporting activity but I try to control my emotions. I do drink alcohol (beer usually and do try to refrain from excess). I am a sinner, as we all are, and fight the battle every day. Not that it is anti-Christian but, I shoot guns, fish, hunt, ride dirt bikes and I am heavily into playing and watching sports. I consider myself a man’s man.

90% of people probably won’t read this far but If God lays it on your heart to vote for me after researching the issues in
the city and what I can contribute to make El Cajon better than do it, as in the end it is Gods will. Just because there are other Christians on the current council doesn’t mean they have to stay there. God may have a new journey for them.



Mike McHugh
09/30/2012 00:20

Very well said and I am for you. I think it sad I never saw it Christian vs Christian until the recent attacks, the opponents I never saw make remarks and I too have been subject to email attacks now for supporting others in the race Sad since 5 candidates all attend Foothills

Bruce Marquis
09/30/2012 07:06

Well written Duane. We have a lot of thec same background. I am voting for you


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