Two weeks ago I was very disappointed in how easily Mayor Lewis and the council dismissed everyone who showed an interest
in the council vacancy. After the comments on the agenda item were finished he stated I have a couple name from the planning commission that I would like to nominate without regard for any of the comments or qualifications of the people he had just heard. This very much feels like Mr. Lewis came into the meeting with his mind already set. It seems like a deal was already established shortly after Jillian stepped down so when the mayor and council appointed Tony Ambrose from the planning commission to fill the Vacancy it came as no surprise. In my opinion I consider it a “green light appointment”. It’s just another way for the current leadership to keep those green lights coming on the decision making process. I believe they are doing a grave disservice to the city of El Cajon with this mentality. The only way to make good educated decisions is to question and challenge the ideas themselves. There is nothing wrong with a little debate and banter. Too much “group think” leads to mediocrity and complacency which in turn leads to poor decision making. Let me get this straight, I don’t disagree with all the decisions being made. Far from it, I support most of them with a strong exception to any tax and rate hikes but I still question that there might have been a better option. After voicing my displeasure to a few people for the lack of a democratic process and what seemed a “back room deal” I heard “Welcome to El Cajon Politics”. That is just a sad statement regarding the political climate in El Cajon. It is my only hope that in November the voters will voice their displeasure as much as me by making this appointment a “lame duck” appointment. The people of El Cajon can go a step further as there will be two additional council seats up for re-election. If all three of those seats were changed El Cajon Politics could be changed.
Vote Swainston for El Cajon Council in November


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