What is everyone's take on the redevelopment plan? In my opinion, it is a bit too much show and not enough substance. There is not enough detailed information on how to deal with the city's real issues, which are, generating revenue for the city by getting more businesses and consumers into El Cajon. Nor, does it address helping the residents achieve higher economic standing. El Cajon has the highest poverty level in the county. How are we going to change that? There are a lot of good ideas for the beautification of El Cajon's downtown which is "nice" but what about the other areas of the city? There are plans to widen sidewalks and increase bike lanes but do we really think this going to bring consumers to the downtown area? After all, are there enough bike riders and walkers to sustain local businesses every day? I still don't see any new ideas to address the East County Performing Arts Center. I believe we should be focus on recruiting businesses that are unique to El Cajon, high tech companies that would provide higher paying jobs to the residents, and educational opportunities for residents to improve there skill set. To build a better city we must first improve it's foundation.


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