With the resent resignation of Jillian Hanson-Cox from the El Cajon City council, the Mayor and remaining council members are tasked with the decision to let the seat remain vacant until November's election or to appoint someone immediately. Besides myself, there were five other candidates that arrived at the most recent council meeting on March 13th seeking the appointment, before any of us had a chance to speak Mayor Lewis stated that he would suggest some names for appointment in two weeks. I do not have a problem with that decision if the process was fair and unbiased and took into consideration the will of the people. As the candidate that finished second in the last election for city council I believe I represent the will of the people. After the floor was opened for discussion and all the potential candidates and supporters had their say, Mayor Lewis stated that he had a couple people in mind from the planning commission that he would like to appoint. I did not see any of them there to represent themselves thus, it seemed to me that he already had his mind set on who he wanted without regard to public opinion or qualifications. The only council member that actually wanted more information via application was Bill Wells. If this appointment goes through in two weeks with one of Mayor Lewis' selection from the planning commission (which seems very likely) it will give this person unfair advantage in the next election by being deemed the incumbent based on a 7 month appointment. Just remember in November when it is time to cast your vote make it count for a candidate that will take into account the will of the people. 

Vote Swainston for El Cajon City Council 2012



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