When you tell friends or co-workers you live in El Cajon or you invite people to go out to a restaurant in El Cajon do you get the look that says "Why"? I've been there. That is one reason I am running for city council, to make El Cajon a place where you can be proud to live in and be able to invite people to the city without getting "the look". I am not the only one trying to make a difference. We have groups of residents that are involved in the city and are taking the time to make a positive impact. 
   One group I'd like to recognize is the members of the El Cajon Neighborhood blog. Here is the link to their site- blog link. These people are involved in their community they take actions to help with neighborhood watch, shopping cart retrieval, graffiti
notifications, as well as, community projects. They work hand in hand with the El Cajon City police force that runs the blog site. This is a wonderful forum for community issues and actions. I urge all El Cajon residents to sign up (I did) and even if you aren't available for a lot of the actions you will have insight into what is going on in your neighborhood. Did you know each neighborhood is broken into sectors for police purposes? I didn't until I signed up. There is a lot of information on the site that are important to city residents besides the blog/forum, so sign up now.
  Another individual (and El Cajon resident) with an idea that I really support is Susan Barron. She started the East County Cash Mob. Here is a couple of links to more information on this idea, the events, and how to be involved. Facebook link and Twitter link. The purpose of the event is to add some much needed revenue to local East County small businesses that may be struggling during these hard economic times. It works like this, a particular business is selected, a date is set, and anyone that is available with money to spend comes out and supports that business. Usually the business gives the supporters a discount and after you are done shopping (or whatever) they meet up at a local restaurant for lunch. So, you are helping more than one business usually, you are saving money, and you get to meet and hang out with like-minded people from your community. It's a win/win for everyone involved.
  If anyone else has an organization or individual that is making a difference in El Cajon and you would like to recognize them please post it into the comments section of this blog.

To make El Cajon A place you can be proud of
In November vote the clear choice "For A Better El Cajon"
Duane Swainston


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