It all stems from my business background and my drive for success. I have been in manufacturing management in the aerospace industry for the past 16 years and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. In the manufacturing industry you can’t wait on making improvements and taking action or you will find yourself behind your competitor. As I stated in a recent council meeting a motto of mine is “Execution not Excuses”. You must find ways to break down barriers and cut through the “red tape” to get things completed. If you wait for the perfect scenario to start then you will always find excuses why something can’t be done. If the future conditions aren’t quite clear you establish a plan based on multiple scenarios then as the conditions present themselves you have done the ground work and you are ready to take action.

Communication, cooperation, and respect are keys to being a successful leader. Unfortunately, many residents feel the current leadership is making backroom deals and driving their own agenda without input from the public. I am a big advocate for transparency in government and keeping the public apprised of the decisions and actions that are being made. I will solicit input from the residents of El Cajon and I will value their opinion. I will work with all groups to achieve a common goal, regardless of political, social, economic, or ethnic differences.

With the new “Charter City” status there is more pressure and responsibility on the city leaders to make the right decisions. The city leaders have much more control on how the city will be run and managed. It would be my goal to make El Cajon the most efficient and well managed city in California. I would like El Cajon to be the model that state legislators and the governor look to for ideas of how to better manage at the state level. I want to do this without raising taxes or utility rates. I want people to be proud to say they live in El Cajon. I want to see consumers flock to El Cajon because we have the lowest sales tax rate in the state. I want to see businesses flourish and create a positive revenue stream for the city. I want to see these things have a positive impact on the residents of El Cajon by providing more employment opportunities, a fully staffed police force and fire department, and a better overall quality of life.

These are the things the Drive me to run for El Cajon City Council and these are the goals that will continue to drive me once I am elected. Only the voters can take the stand and make this a reality by electing
Swainston for El Cajon City Council November 2012.
The clear choice “For a Better El Cajon”



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